“Should I buy sterling silver, 10kt or 14kt gold earrings for a baby or little girl?”

We highly recommend buying 14k gold baby earrings her first pair of earrings since a little one’s ears are sensitive and they can have allergies to different alloys found in lower karats of gold. 

"Are your screw back earrings secure?”

Yes, our earrings with screw backs are very secure. Screw back earrings are the most requested style in baby earrings and children’s earrings. The screw back pieces twist onto the post and stay firmly in place.

“The earrings have covered screw backs. What does that mean?”

A covered screw back has a closed end (not pierced) to encase the post, and therefore the sharp end of the post doesn’t poke through. This provides superior comfort when sleeping

"What size earring should I choose for my daughter? It's hard to tell the size online"

We recommend following the below sizing guide:

Baby - 3mm to 4mm 

2 years - 4mm and higher

5 years and older - any size will work, most go with a 4.5mm higher

Adults - any size will work, the smaller 3mm work great as upper ear piercings 

"Why do the posts on the earrings seem so long?"

The posts are a standard length which accommodates for different thicknesses of earlobes. It is actually good to have some extra space between the earlobe and backing to allow the earring to slide back and forth in the ear while it is still healing and becoming a permanent hole (which can take many years to complete). This also reduces the risk of complications and infections since it is easier to clean and there is air flow. 

"Do I need to check the backings regularly?"

Yes! It is always a good idea to check the backings regularly as little ones tend to play with their ears and may loosen the backings accidentally. Better to air on the side of precaution and tighten them regularly.